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Halloween Horror Nights 26 Updates:

HHN 26 Icon Reveal 06/09/16

Icon Teaser - HHN 26

Icon Teaser - HHN 26

House 1 Reveal: Texas Chain Saw Massacre

House 2 Reveal: The Excorcist

House 3 Reveal: The Walking Dead

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Halloween Horror Nights Event History and Facts.

For many years, Universal Studios Orlando has given a spectacular event for us to enjoy. I, the HHN Freak, will be adding content content across the web to celebrate such an occasion. Weather it be from Youtube, Audio Clips, or just Photos all I can be posted here for us to enjoy.

-HHN Freak

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Here our some houses and scarezones that have been used in more then on event.

  • Screamhouse
  • All-Night Die In
  • Phycoscarepy
  • The Walking Dead
  • Dungeon of Terror
  • Body Collectors
  • Jack's Funhouse

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Usually the master of scare-monies with the theme of the event based around the Icon.

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